Why Do Diabetic Patients Need Insulin?

Why Do Diabetic Patients Need Insulin? by Sugarlogger | May 31, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments Glucose is the biggest source of energy in our body which is consumed via Insulin. Insulin is the greatest key to glucose consumption. Let’s take an inside look on our food consumption and what actually happens to it. After we take food, it

Can Diabetes Affect Color Vision?

Color Blindness is one side effect of Diabetes. Person suffering from it is not able to grasp colors around him which makes things a little difficult. Yes it surely can affect retina and lead to color vision. These days diabetes is such a disease that affects all ages at worldwide level. Every day we come

Depression In People Diagnosed In Diabetes Recently

People cured of diabetes must keep one thing very clear in mind that life is more than happy only if you will make it so. Diabetes leads to depression in people. Yes, People are more tend to enter depression state after being cured of diabetes. There is no clean answer to it that why it

Are Apples Really Fruitful For Diabetics?

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, this phrase goes well with the diabetics as well, as an apple a day for them keeps them fit. Well, every fruit has its own advantages and we all know that excess of everything is bad. So, when it comes to apple, then yes apple can do

How To Practice Anger Management While Suffering From Diabetes?

Diabetic patients need to have control over their anger as it can make the disease worse. They should resort to adequate exercise and healthy eating. Anger Management for Diabetics Diabetes brings the awful emotion of anger and makes the person feel tensed, frustrated and irritated all the time. Apart from dealing with the disease itself,

Alcohol for diabetics

Recommended Alcohol Guidelines for People with Diabetes “God was bored with humans, so he invented alcohol.” – John Kenny Most of the people whom you might have come across would have advised you to stay away from alcohol once you are diagnosed with diabetes. But in fact it is not the truth. You do not