Alcohol for diabetics

Recommended Alcohol Guidelines for People with Diabetes

“God was bored with humans, so he invented alcohol.” – John Kenny

Most of the people whom you might have come across would have advised you to stay away from alcohol once you are diagnosed with diabetes. But in fact it is not the truth. You do not have to leave alcohol completely. Moderate amount of alcohol can be consumed by a diabetic patient which means 1 small drink a day for women and 2 for men.

Change in drinking pattern

Once diagnosed with diabetes, you cannot remain the regular carefree drinker which you might have been. Diabetes increases the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) especially if it is being treated with insulin or certain tablets. The best way to reduce such a risk is to avoid drinking empty stomach and preferably snack on something starchy such as chips. Carbohydrate should definitely be consumed during the night to avoid hypos all night and the next day.

Tips to smart drinking

  • Never drink alcohol with empty stomach or when your blood glucose is low as alcohol can directly be absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • Alcohol should not be a substitute for your food. This may even lead to a hypo.
  • As the amount which you can consume is less, take small sips to make your drink last long. This will even reduce the urge to go for another drink.
  • Keep water, diet soda, iced tea or any zero calorie drink by your side while drinking. This helps you stay hydrated. They can even be used as drink mixers.
  • Keep a small paper note or alarm in your phone to remind you of your diabetes so as to avoid in going with the flow.
  • Do not even think of driving for several hours after drinking.

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