Are Apples Really Fruitful For Diabetics?

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, this phrase goes well with the diabetics as well, as an apple a day for them keeps them fit.

Well, every fruit has its own advantages and we all know that excess of everything is bad. So, when it comes to apple, then yes apple can do wonders for a diabetic.

A diabetic should consume at least one apple a day. It’s one of the citrus fruits that should be consumed on a daily basis. In a family where diabetes is a hereditary problem then the pre diabetic people should regularly have an apple so that the symptoms are not developed at an earlier stage. They help in maintaining the blood sugar level.

Benefits of Apples

  • Good amount of fiber

Apples are filled with fibers. One apple a day in breakfast or after lunch can maintain your sugar level. They act as a source of providing energy and decreasing the risk of certain diseases.

  • Antioxidants

Apple has certain antioxidants, quercetin in it doesn’t allow blockages. The antioxidants also cuts the probability of the sugar problems.

Consumption of apple in your food just in case you aren’t opting to have a raw apple in your diet

  • Apple Oatmeal

A diabetic person should always have a diet chart maintained for themselves, and the best way to intake apple in your breakfast is by having apple oatmeal.

  • Apple Salad

You can include apple in your salad which can be served during the lunch or dinner. It will act as a combination of healthy as well as tasty snack.

  • Apples as dessert

Though dessert is a big no for the people with high blood sugar levels but once in a blue moon every person has a craving of having desserts, so the best dish that can be and should be served to the diabetics is be apple pie or Apple Salsa or baked apples with no or very less sugar in it.

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