Can Diabetes Affect Color Vision?

Color Blindness is one side effect of Diabetes. Person suffering from it is not able to grasp colors around him which makes things a little difficult.

Yes it surely can affect retina and lead to color vision.

These days diabetes is such a disease that affects all ages at worldwide level. Every day we come across so many diabetic cases in daily life.  

Affected Color Vision

Retina is the only thing that makes us see things around us. This is basically lining around the eye that converts impulses to images. This makes us see. Now imagine what will happen if this is damaged? All of us can’t even imagine this. This damage is called “Diabetic Retinopathy”.  

“Affected color vision” aka “Color Blindness” is one of the symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy.

Color Blindness is when a person is not able to figure out colors red, green and blue. His percept is a mixture of these three colors. The rarest case in this is when there is no color at all in vision.


There are various symptoms to know about Color Blindness. Few are below which can help one to know about it.

  • Perceiving colors different from others is the first sign of affected color vision.
  • Seeing just some of the color shades while rest of the people can count hundreds of colors.
  • Counting only grey, white and black colors.
  • Not able to differentiate among various shades of red and green colors.
  • Not being able to see clearly colors.

Cure for Color Blindness

One must keep in my mind some precautions and tips to cure Color Blindness.

  • A Person can opt for Corrective lenses or spectacles to correct color vision for routine life. This is the easiest way to deal with affected color vision.
  • However a Person with diabetes and fighting color blindness must always keep a check on his sugar level and must go for regular checkups. Healthy diet is a must which not only is rich in protein but must be rich in vitamins.
  • Person must take eye drops and medicines as prescribed by doctor on time.
  • Last but not the least person must be having strong psychology and will power to deal with this problem.

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