Depression In People Diagnosed In Diabetes Recently

People cured of diabetes must keep one thing very clear in mind that life is more than happy only if you will make it so.

Diabetes leads to depression in people. Yes, People are more tend to enter depression state after being cured of diabetes. There is no clean answer to it that why it happens but it surely affects people psychology.  “Depression” is nothing but a constant negative state in which person spends (read wastes) energy and time both thinking. It makes a person hollow and kills his liveliness.

Why person thinks that way?

There are numerous reasons to support why a person thinks so negative about life. Why a person after being cured of diabetes instead of feeling a sigh of relief enters depressed zone.

The ultimate reason is “psychology”. Diabetic people always create thoughts like their life’s sweetness is gone which is not so at all. They create their own will hopeless and empty. They feel like there is no cure to Diabetes. They create negative thoughts continuously about their diabetes and recent cure; ultimately build an entire world out of it.  

How to Spot Depression in recently cured person?

We can notice behavior of recently cured people and can tell about their depression state. Important things to notice in them are:

  • Weight Loss– Sudden loss in weight is a sign of depression stage.
  • Negative Talks – If person keeps talking negative about everything then he is not accepted his diabetes problem completely.
  • Loss in Interest– He is not interested in his favorite things and tries to avoid them is definitely a sign for depression.
  • Sleep Disorder- Depressed person always fights with his sleeping habit. He becomes insomniac.

Overcome Fear

  • Positive Counseling- Positive counseling helps in fighting depression to a great extent. They make such people understand about happy and positive life. This is also known as Psychotherapy.
  • Timely Medication– Person must follow his medication (for Diabetes and Depression) as prescribed and on time.
  • Outdoor Activities– Outdoor activities like social gatherings, sports, going for movies, taking some kind of classes like dance, cooking and more help in maintain social life and keeping person happy by heart.

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