Why Do Diabetic Patients Need Insulin?

Why Do Diabetic Patients Need Insulin?

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Glucose is the biggest source of energy in our body which is consumed via Insulin. Insulin is the greatest key to glucose consumption.

Let’s take an inside look on our food consumption and what actually happens to it. After we take food, it gets broken into glucose inside our body which supplies power and energy to it. It raises sugar level as enters our bloodstream. Pancreas acts immediately calling guard “Insulin”.

What actually Insulin do?

Insulin is basically a hormone generated to lower down sugar level of our body. Beta cells are the production factory of insulin. This maintains fats and carbohydrates in body regulated and helps in glucose consumption. Let us explain working of insulin step by step as following:

  1. After sugar level rises in bloodstream, insulin is called for help.
  2. Insulin let the glucose (sugar) of bloodstream enter into body cells.
  3. Glucose enters into cells and thus, sugar level is regulated.
  4. Cells consume this sugar (absorbed glucose) as its fuel.

This completely acts as a key to open up locks on cells so as to make glucose enter inside it very easily.

What happens to insulin in a diabetic body?

Diabetes is a very common disease these days worldwide. What actually happens to a diabetic body when it comes to insulin production? A diabetic body does not produce required or effective insulin to consume glucose.  This keeps the sugar level always high and state is “Diabetes”.  

Why insulin is so important?

Insulin is highly required in body for numerous reasons.

  1. It keeps your sugar level up to the mark.
  2. It regulates carbohydrate levels as per body’s needs.
  3. It keeps a total check on various factors like weight, weakness, vision, fatigue and sleep and more other health factors.
  4. This keeps excessive glucose stored in for future body needs.
  5. It keeps body fit and healthy.

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