Can Diabetes Be Cured?

Diabetes can surely be treated, controlled but cannot be cured completely. Patients undergoing treatment for diabetes often may come under a stage that may look like diabetes has been cured but that’s certainly not as they feel. Doctors call this particular phase or a period “the honeymoon period.” During this some patients’ insulin needs may become minimal and some may find that diabetes has completely gone away. But, doctors often say that it would be a mistake to consider that diabetes has completely gone away.

Though, Diabetes cannot be cured, it is very important for a diabetic person to lead a healthy and happy life as if followed proper medications life can be lived through it.

Certain Misconceptions About Diabetes Medication:

  • One of the major misconceptions related to medication in diabetes is that in the initial stages it can simply be cured by eating healthy food and exercising regularly.
  • People often rely on insulin based injections but sometimes oral medications work more effectively.
  • People often misconceptualise the basic medication differences of diabetes type1 and diabetes type2.

Some Skills one needs to develop to manage diabetes

  1. Healthy Eating: This means having a food that provides all the three nutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fat in reasonable quantities in order to help the body function properly.
  2. Being Active: A diabetic patient should always inculcate in aerobics, strength based exercises, and always live a cheerful life.
  3. Taking Medication: In case of a type1 diabetes, a patient has to take insulin throughout his/her life, while in type2 one may be able to control the blood glucose levels through healthy lifestyle and oral medication.
  4. Healthy Coping: Self motivation and the urge to fight back is very essential to survive from any disease. And since diabetes is a chronic illness, it is very essential for a patient to cope up with the atmosphere very efficiently.

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