What are the Mental and Emotional Causes of Diabetes?

What are the Mental and Emotional Causes of Diabetes?

Diabetes is also caused due to mental status and changes in emotions apart from eating habits. It should be controlled with proper control over negative feelings.

The Mental and Emotional causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose, either because insulin production is inadequate, or may be the body’s cells do not respond properly. Most of the conventional doctors do not know that adult-onset diabetes has an insidious cause: the mind and emotions. To remove the cause is to cure the disease. To find out the actual cause one should be honest with him/her and look deeply into the emotional state.

Causes of Diabetes

  • Some triggering events lead to diabetes in patients, which usually makes them deeply emotional. Such events can make them feel like “All the sweetness in life has been taken away.”
  • Especially the ones, who have lost a loved one, tend to develop diabetes within one year after the loss.
  • Break-ups and deaths are common reasons for the onset of this enduring disease.
  • Big lifestyle changes and loss of job are also susceptible reasons of diabetes.
  • The ones, who are unprepared to cope up with the sudden life changes, are more prone to this disease.

The cure requires mental-emotional coping skills, not financial. Preparation for life’s challenges goes beyond the physical and well into the mental-emotional, metaphysical and spiritual factors. With proper care and assistance, one can reverse most medical conditions. The force of one’s will and the state of mind can make it all happen.

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