How To Counter Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Pregnant ladies suffering with diabetes needs to be extra careful and should ensure all the adequate measures to control the disease with proper diet and treatment. Diabetes Management during Pregnancy Pregnancy is a very critical period in a woman’s life and special health care needs to be taken. Women suffering with pre existing diabetes or

What Is An Ideal Diabetes Meal Plan?

A diabetes patient can deal the disease only through switching to a healthy and timely diet recommended and avoiding wrong eating habits.   What is Diabetes Meal Plan? The meal plan of diabetes patient is prepared keeping into account the proper composition of food items which maintains the balance of insulin in the blood. A

What Foods Should a Type-II Diabetic Eat?

Diabetes patients needs to be extra careful of their diet and should take only recommended food which does not let the diabetes to augment. What Foods should a Diabetic eat in Type-II Diabetes? Diabetes mellitus type 2 or adult-onset diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia in the context of insulin resistance and lack

Type 2 Diabetes and Fainting! Read Causes and Symptoms

Type 2 diabetes and fainting, diabetics generally complain of getting fainted which cause due to an insufficient amount of glucose level that can’t reach the brain. Type 2 Diabetes and Fainting Diabetes leaves a body in depriving condition and one such condition is fainting. A fixed amount of glucose level is required in the body

Different Kinds Of Health Boosting Teas For Diabetes Type-II

Choose your best drink by knowing about the different kinds of health drinks that are suitable and recommendable by experts for Type 2 diabetics Diabetics are always under a confusion regarding the drinks that they should prefer as they need to be always cautious about the sugar level in the drinks. Here is the list

What Fruits To Eat And Not To Eat When You Are A Diabetic?

Fruits are generally recommended to all patients but diabetics should ensure the fruits they are taking do not have increased sugar and starch level. Suitable Fruits for Diabetes Patients Fruits are the best natural things one could eat in today’s life to get their daily dose of vitamin, fibre and minerals. But if one has

Can Diabetes Be Controlled With Yoga?

Diabetes is not an impossible disease and it can be encountered with Yoga which keeps the body healthy internally without spending huge money on the treatment. No doubt a disease like diabetes can reach to a fatal stage and necessitate proper medical treatment, but ignoring ancient measure of treating, such as Yoga, would not be

Carbohydrates and Diabetes! To eat or not to eat?

The intake of carbohydrate in the diet can augment Diabetes as it has sugar and starch as its component. Consuming it restriction would help the patient. Carbohydrates are an essential part of a daily diet and their consumption in right quantities can be very beneficial to the body. However, for the people affected with diabetes,

Causes of Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is frequently found in children causing due to improper secretion of insulin and increased glucose in blood showing symptoms like fatigue, hunger etc. A chronic disease like diabetes was generally thought to be a disease of the adult. However with changing times many children are being diagnosed with diabetes ever since the child is

Making Changes in Lifestyle for Diabetes Management

Diabetes can not only be controlled by treatment and medication but also through simple change in lifestyle like healthy eating on time, exercise and others. Diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases in India having millions of people. It is really sad to see individuals from quite a young age becoming victims to it.