Can Diabetes Be Controlled With Yoga?

Diabetes is not an impossible disease and it can be encountered with Yoga which keeps the body healthy internally without spending huge money on the treatment.

No doubt a disease like diabetes can reach to a fatal stage and necessitate proper medical treatment, but ignoring ancient measure of treating, such as Yoga, would not be a wise idea.

People are switching towards Yoga to control their diabetes but it’s not a short term treatment which can give you results instantly. Yoga needs discipline, sincerity and patience to cure the disease. Not only it is good in curing diabetes but also in eliminating stress and to rejuvenating mind and body.

How Yoga can control Diabetes?

Practicing yoga on regular basis and with correct postures can bring fruitful result in controlling diabetes. The benefits of yoga are infinite and have many reasons to cure this lethal disease:

  • It allows the internal organs to properly secrete hormones. This helps in adequate secretion of insulin by pancreas that turns out to be the major reason to control the disease.
  • The blood circulation is improved with regular practice of yoga which further helps in maintain blood sugar levels, glucose level and cure the disease.
  • It controls high blood pressure level which helps in removing the stress and fatigue problems.
  • It leads to muscular stretch and thereby allows balanced level of glucose in blood and controls diabetes

Which Yoga poses should be practiced to control diabetes?

There are certain Yoga poses which directly the problems which lead to diabetes. Here are some of the poses which you can practice at home:

  • Halasana: In this pose, the legs are taken completely backwards while lying down and hands are kept straight flat on the surface. This is good for those who sit for long hours and maintains proper hormonal balance.
  • Dhanurasan: This pose requires you to lay down with your face facing the surface. Lift and bend your legs and hold it with your hands.  It removes fatigue and maintains blood circulation.

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