Dealing with a Diabetic Child: Tips for Parents

Seeing your child suffer from a disease is one of the last things which parents would wish to see. Diabetes is one common disease in children these days. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are being reported every day. In such situations no matter what the age of the child is, it is difficult to deal with such news.

Parents therefore have to prepare themselves and talk it out to their children. If parents are supportive, no disease is big enough which cannot be fought. Proper understanding of diabetes is of utmost importance.

Here are few simple tips for parents of a diabetic child:

  • Measure blood sugar level frequently and as soon as the child gets old enough teaching him to do the same.
  • See the doctor at proper intervals and make sure to tell him openly what difficulties you or your child is facing. Doctor and his team are the best people who can help you.
  • Make sure that you do not treat your child with much difference.  Let him do what he would have done if he was not suffering from diabetes. Talk to him regarding other stuff apart from his disease like about his day, friends etc.
  • Keep his school and friends informed about it and make sure that they too have proper knowledge about the same.
  • Prepare healthy food not just for your child but for the entire family. Avoid eating food which your child cannot eat in front of him. This can lead to irritability and depression.
  • Stay positive even with your child. Comfort him and tell him that he is doing well. Do not let the hope die in him.
  • Make the child understand about the precautions that he must take but be sure that you do no scare your child while doing so.

Diabetic child suffer with depression and mood swings and parents have hard time to deal with them. They need to take special care of them and deal carefully.

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