How does Diabetes Affect Immune System?

Diabetes not only affect the insulin and blood sugar level but has equal effect on immune system leading to the decreased immunity of body. Diabetes is one of the ailments that has the highest number of victims in its stronghold. Moreover, in India, the count is enormous. It is caused due to high sugar levels and a great amount of precautionary measures have to be taken in order to negate or cure its attack. It is a type of metabolic disorder where the body suffers from insulin resistance. It has a very negative effect on both the immunity and the metabolism processes. This is the reason why the patients develop severe infections that can result in a condition of losing a limb too. Long term complications are often associated with diabetes which affects almost every part of the body. Therefore, in order to cure it successfully, proper diet combined with physical activity and exercise, have to be ensured.

Recent studies and research has revealed that there is a certain way of dealing with it and taking care of its complications. Some of the major breakthrough researches include the following aspects:

  • Development of insulin that react and counterattack the destruction quickly.
  • Laser treatment for the ones suffering from diabetic eye disorder, taking out the possibility of blindness in the victim.
  • Intensive management of glucose leading to prevention of diabetic complications.
  • New advance drugs to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes through weight control methods.
  • Successful kidney transplantation since diabetes affects the kidneys to a large extent.

Conclusively, diabetes has an adverse effect on the immune system but if proper and timely steps are taken, it can be controlled to a certain extent

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