How to treat Hair Loss for a Diabetic patient?

A Diabetic patient needs to follow a proper and healthy diet and stay calm and relaxed in order to prevent hair loss.

Diabetes And Hair Loss

Diabetes can also cause hair loss. A diabetic patient’s circulatory system gets affected negatively, which means that the less amount of nutrients and oxygen reach the lower and the upper extremities of the body i.e. feet and the scalp. Also, diabetes causes stress, anger and tension and all these results in hair loss.

Diabetes brings about Hormonal Imbalance in a patient’s body which is the reason to the hair fall even at the time of pregnancy and menopause.

Moreover, not only Diabetes just initiates hair fall but it also stops hair growth in a person. So, Diabetes is not only causing hair loss but furthermore it is also restricting the growth of new ones.

How to treat Hair Loss for a diabetic patient?

For a diabetic patient, the first step that he/she needs to take to prevent hair loss is to find out what type of hair loss they are having. Because, the hair loss happening may be of temporary nature because of the stress caused in the brain.

If it is not a temporary one; here are the few steps that one should take in order to prevent hair loss.

  1. Have a Healthy Diet : Diabetes reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the body thus, resulting in weakening the hair follicles. Thus, a person suffering from diabetes needs to intake proper amount of vitamins, proteins and nutrients daily.
  2. Meditation : Meditation helps the mind attain inner peace and lets the body function calmly. If the mind and body stays relaxed, the stress and tension flies away and thus, preventing hair loss.
  3. Herbal Remedies : Often natural remedies give the best results. Home remedies like hair oiling through herbal oils, drinking herbal tea and also eating “basil leaves” or “neem” may work wonders sometimes.

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