Things To Consider For Diabetics When Weight Lifting

Exercising can not only help in reducing your weight and make you look fit and fine but can also cure certain deadly diseases like diabetes.

No matter if you are diabetic, exercising is a must for your body

Our body requires a regular routine where exercising is essential and if you are a person suffering from high blood sugar levels then exercising is equivalent to your daily medicine dosage.

Basic exercising routine that a diabetic must follow:

  • Weight lifting is a well-known exercise that will not only keep you fit and let you burn your calories but will also take care of your blood sugar levels. Weight lifting exercises on a regular basis strengthens your muscles and helps in losing your weight.
  • For a diabetic person, strength training should be performed at least three times in a week.
  • Along with weight lifting, slight aerobics should also be done early in the morning.
  • One need not be required to specially join a gym, these weight lifting exercises can be easily done at home

Benefits of weight lifting exercise

  • Intercepts the risk of heart related complications
  • Controls blood pressure
  • With the lifting exercises you will tend to burn your calories and with the burning of calories, the blood glucose levels will be maintained.

Dos before thinking of performing these weight lifting exercises

  • Consult your doctor

Do consult your doctor before performing any weight lifting exercise.

  • Use less weight

People with blood sugar issues must use less weight only to perform exercises.

  • Breathing tactics

Exhale while lifting up and inhale while lifting down.

  • Exercise along with your trainer

At times, we need not get to know that the workout which we are performing is in a correct way or not, especially for the people who are dealing with diabetes, if you are exercising, make sure that you have hired a professional trainer so that your correct movements are being observed by him and you aren’t hurting your body.

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