Type 2 Diabetes and Common Myths You Should Be Aware About!

Every disease or an ailment has some or the other myth attached to it regarding its occurrence, symptoms, treatment or medication. They vary from people to people depending on the kind of awareness they have. Diabetes is not a disease that cannot be controlled; still it causes a lot more deaths than AIDS and breast cancer. Diabetes leads to either heart diseases or stroke in most cases. We shall list out some common myths that surround it and see for ourselves whether it is justifiable or not.

Diabetes Means a Death Sentence

It is not. Medication, exercise and a proper diet sorts this out. However, panic causes a lot of individuals to make such vague statements.

Being Obese and Overweight Leads to Diabetes

Weight is surely a risk factor however there are other factors also like family history that may help in contracting type 2 diabetes.

Excess of Sugar Causes Diabetes

This is the most common myth. Actually, that contributes to obesity and not diabetes.

Diabetes Exposes You to More Colds and Flu

It does not make one vulnerable to contagious diseases like flu; however, it is recommended to get flu shots since diabetics are more prone to flu complications.

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