How To Counter Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Pregnant ladies suffering with diabetes needs to be extra careful and should ensure all the adequate measures to control the disease with proper diet and treatment.

Diabetes Management during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very critical period in a woman’s life and special health care needs to be taken. Women suffering with pre existing diabetes or diabetes occurred during pregnancy has the risk of transferring the disease to their baby. Proper meal plan with some guidelines are instructed to be followed by pregnant women with diabetes.

How to counter diabetes in Pregnancy?

  • Take Insulin Injections: Insulin injections are recommended to be taken by patient to balance the insulin level in the blood. Those women who were previously on oral medication should also require shifting to insulin injection so that the side effects of medication are not passed on the baby.
  • Nutritious and Fibrous Diet: Adding nutrients and fibre rich food to meal is good to control diabetes as the healthy food will help in maintain the balance of glucose and sugar in the blood.
  • Limit Fat Consumption– Reducing the fat intake can help in controlling diabetes but it doesn’t mean starving the body.

Instructions to be followed

  • Regular check up of blood glucose level
  • Avoid stressful exercise and physical work to control diabetes
  • Avoid strong medication as it can lead to side effects to the body
  • Maintain regular time of taking meal

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