What Fruits To Eat And Not To Eat When You Are A Diabetic?

Fruits are generally recommended to all patients but diabetics should ensure the fruits they are taking do not have increased sugar and starch level.

Suitable Fruits for Diabetes Patients

Fruits are the best natural things one could eat in today’s life to get their daily dose of vitamin, fibre and minerals. But if one has diabetes, he/she has to be very alert in selecting the right fruit to maintain proper blood sugar levels in the body. There are many doubts crossing one’s mind as to which foods to consume in diabetes. Some of the most suitable fruits that a person should consume if he/she has diabetes are as follows:

  • Best fruits for Diabetes

To lead a healthy life, a diabetic patient should eat lesser sweet foods and check the content of fruit at all times. The best fruits for diabetes are apricots, berries, cherries and durian. They all are rich in fibre and vitamins with less sweet content and are therefore, highly suggested.

Other than these, fruits in lesser quantity like apple, kiwi, banana, raisins, and small orange, peach are helpful if taken in right proportion.

  • Points to Remember

The human body requires carbohydrates to survive and the best natural source is fruits. As long you eat right quantity in proportion to control the sugar level in the body, fruits are the best resource.

There has been a rapid increase in patients with diabetes. Doctors and people have come together to create awareness about the do’s and don’ts of diabetes and how good eating habits can curb diabetes.

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