What Is An Ideal Diabetes Meal Plan?

A diabetes patient can deal the disease only through switching to a healthy and timely diet recommended and avoiding wrong eating habits.  

What is Diabetes Meal Plan?

The meal plan of diabetes patient is prepared keeping into account the proper composition of food items which maintains the balance of insulin in the blood. A dietician needs to carefully add those items into the meal which can help in improving glucose level and number of cholesterol in the blood. The sugar items are required to be replaced with better substitute to control the increasing level of sugar and insulin.

Adding Nutritious Food to Diet

To control diabetes, diet which is composed of fibrous and nutrients rich food items should be added into regular meal with proper and timely consumption of it.

  • Fibrous Food– The fibre rich food has potential to control level of blood sugar. Foods like fruits, vegetables, lentils, peas, wheat bran and wheat flour should be added to diet.
  • Nuts and Dry Fruits– Nuts like walnut, almond, avocado, and olives, peanut contain a good fat which helps in bringing down the cholesterol level.
  • Healthy Fish– Fish which is good for heart should be added into meal which is a good substitute of heavy meal.  Salmon, Tuna, Bluefish are some of the fishes which can be taken.

To Control Diabetes, Say No to:

  • High Glycemic Index Food:  Such foods like white bread and white rice should be strictly avoided as they have tendency to increase the blood sugar level.
  • Saturated Fats-This is unhealthy fat which increases level of cholesterol and should be eliminated from the diet.

Lower the Sodium: Patient needs to reduce the sodium consumption (less than 2300 mg) to control diabetes.

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