Onions For Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes can be controlled with proper intake of onion in diet which is simple and natural remedy to cure the disease. Onions for diabetes prove to be a boon at many levels. It not only regulates but also controls your insulin levels. Onions for diabetes treatments Type 2 diabetes is either caused by low insulin

Reiki Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes is a fast spreading disease of the 21st century and is growing due to careless eating habits and high amount of stress in life. There are many misconceptions about the cause and cure of diabetes. Reiki treatment for diabetes is our topic for discussion today, where we give you insights on healing and relief from

Diabetes and Menopause: Understand the Relation

The menopause period can affect the secretion of hormones and may affect the secretion of insulin and level of estrogens and progesterone leading to Diabetes and menopause. One might think that what is the connection between diabetes and menopause? Menopause is an experience which is sometimes called a “change of life” as it can be

Natural cures for diabetes insipidus

Diabetes insipidus has different effects on the patient’s body like increased urination and fatigue. One should control it with natural remedies that leaves no side effect. Natural cures for diabetes insipidus As characterized by extreme thirst and a lot of need to urinate, diabetes insipidus is caused by insufficient vasopressin, which instructs the kidneys to retain

Treating Diabetes Naturally with Olive Leaves

Treat diabetes with natural remedies without spending huge money on expensive treatment. Olive leaves are recommended the most for diabetics. Treat Diabetes naturally with olive leaves Olive tree leaves have been widely used as the traditional remedies in European and Mediterranean countries as extracts, herbal teas, and powder. They contain several potentially bio-active compounds that

How to Keep Good Brain Health Diabetes

Diabetes can also affect the brain portion and nervous system. Proper exercise and mental training should be followed to keep brain healthy. Diabetes being a chronic disease affecting many parts of body may target severely to the brain as well. The high blood sugar level and disturbance in the secretion of insulin can hamper the

Link between Man’s Marital Status and Risk of Developing Diabetes

A happy and a healthy marital status reduces the risk of developing DIABETES. A healthy married life acts as a barrier between health disorders. Somehow, sometimes stress acts as a leading weapon to initiate health disorders, and thus, mental and physical satisfaction is a great tool to lead a healthy life. For a disease like

Is liposuction valuable in diabetes treatment?

The medical science has provided surgical diabetes treatment for a disease like diabetes such as Liposuction to reduce the fat and control the disease. Liposuction Liposuction mostly comes under plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. It is performed to reduce the fat in a particular area of the body. It is usually preferred for sculpting the

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes has different effects on health and should be controlled with proper precautions like avoiding alcohol, smoking and bad eating habits. Bodies of patients with type 2 diabetes make insulin, but either their pancreas don’t make enough insulin, or the insulin is rejected by the body. This is unlike the type 1 diabetes

How to Include Sweets in Diabetes Friendly Diet?

Diabetics are recommended to stay away from sugar but they don’t need to forget the sweet taste as there are good substitutes available to cherish their sweet tooth and opt for diabetes friendly diet which lets you include sweets in your diet How to include sweets in diabetes friendly diet? The first thing that strikes the mind