Diabetes Symptom: Is Tingling or Numbness in Hands and Feet a Diabetes Symptom?

Diabetes is among the fastest growing diseases in the world, especially in the urban areas. Out of those with diabetes, the type 2 diabetes is the more common. In over 60% cases of diabetic patients, it has been found that nerve damage occurs over a course of time. As mentioned, the nerve damage is not a hundred per cent probability in case of persons with diabetes, but it is a high possibility because of which it pays to be vigilant. Hence it is necessary to keep a tab on diabetes symptom from time to time.

Diabetic neuropathy then is the damage of specific nerves because of diabetes. It can manifest itself in numerous ways. Some of the telltale signs are pain, tingling or numbness in a part of the body that contains nerve damage; it is also one of the most common diabetes symptom.


The most basic and obvious cause of nerve damage is the high blood sugar and the exposure of the nerves in the body to these high levels of glucose. How that happens, is that diabetes causes various diseases such as the autoimmune, which then causes nerves to inflame and with the fact that the blood vessels are damaged because of diabetes, the nerves degenerate. Sometimes the damage is known to be so much that it causes either complete numbness of the nerves wherein you lose the feeling in that area.


Well, diabetic neuropathy usually starts with tingling sensations in the limbs, numbness, or pain in the limbs. If these symptoms go unnoticed, the condition worsens over time. The nerve degeneration may take years to build and is usually difficult to treat. Amputation is sometimes the necessary part of treatment. Other symptoms that manifest because of neuropathy are weakness, indigestion, sexual inactivity, and fainting spells. Muscle loss is also a consequence of neuropathy. It may also lead to the setting in of gangrene, which leads to amputation of the limb. Usually, the symptoms start with a foot.

It is hence concluded that indeed tingling or numbness in the hands or feet can be a warning sign for diabetes. It is vital to be vigilant and not ignore these seemingly minuscule health related issues. Always keep in mind that these things escalate and can lead to serious consequences.

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