How to Include Sweets in Diabetes Friendly Diet?

Diabetics are recommended to stay away from sugar but they don’t need to forget the sweet taste as there are good substitutes available to cherish their sweet tooth and opt for diabetes friendly diet which lets you include sweets in your diet

How to include sweets in diabetes friendly diet?

The first thing that strikes the mind when you think about diet to control diabetes is to cut the sweet food items. Diet to control diabetes doesn’t mean that you have to completely forget the taste of sweet for life time. There is a scope for you to enjoy the sweets without augmenting the risk of diabetes. There are many good substitutes for sweet for a diabetes patient all you need to do is follow a good diabetes friendly diet.

Good Substitutes of Sugar

  • Jaggery and Date Palm: Jaggery and Dates have natural sugar and are cholesterol free. They have some quantity of sugar but their consumption won’t much affect the sugar and glucose level in the blood. It is highly rich in iron, potassium and other nutrients which make it healthy.
  • Fruit Cuisines: Fruits are also gifted with natural sugar and are good in taste. You can make delicious cuisines with it like fruit yogurt, fruit custard and fruit ice creams with low sugar.
  • Switch to Brown Sugar and Blueberries: You can replace the use of normal white sugar with brown sugar and blue berries.

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