How to Keep Good Brain Health Diabetes

Diabetes can also affect the brain portion and nervous system. Proper exercise and mental training should be followed to keep brain healthy.

Diabetes being a chronic disease affecting many parts of body may target severely to the brain as well. The high blood sugar level and disturbance in the secretion of insulin can hamper the functioning of brain. Patients suffering with Type 2 Diabetes are more prone to brain disabilities. Problem in learning or loss of memory are some of the basic traits to be found when diabetes halt the brain and nervous system.

A Glance on How Brain Gets Affected

  • Difficulty in Insulin Reach: Diabetes patient suffered with the disturbed secretion of insulin that creates problem in reaching insulin to the brain portion. It further leads to the hampering of nervous system and brain heath. The defected insulin secretion and transportation may lead to dementia.
  • High Blood Sugar Level: The increased level of blood sugar is also one of the causes of brain malfunctioning to the diabetes patients. The enhanced sugar level in blood hampers the transportation of blood to the brain area that affects its functioning.

How to keep brain healthy?

  • Physical Exercise: Doing regular physical exercise can improve the blood circulation and hormones secretion. It will further help in the transportation of blood to the brain area and prevents problems caused by diabetes. It will help in the repairing of cell structure and thereby improves blood supply and allow fresh oxygen to come in.
  • Brain Games: Mental exercise is very important when person is suffering with brain heath problems. Games like chess, Sudoku or other things which demands the exercise of brain should be followed by the patient to allow the organ to keep functioning properly.
  • Meditation: Meditation is always good; it not only helps in bringing peace to the mind but also pacifies the internal disturbance and blood supply in the body.

Healthy Diet: Add colorful vegetables and fruits and diet of beans, cereals, nuts to enhance the better functioning of brain.

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