Is liposuction valuable in diabetes treatment?

The medical science has provided surgical diabetes treatment for a disease like diabetes such as Liposuction to reduce the fat and control the disease.


Liposuction mostly comes under plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. It is performed to reduce the fat in a particular area of the body. It is usually preferred for sculpting the body and getting rid of specific problem areas in the body. This procedure causes targeted fat loss and has to be accompanied by diet and exercise.

Complications due to diabetes

Persons with diabetes have a compromised immune system. The ineffective immune system makes it difficult for the body to fight off bacteria and viruses, and it also makes the healing of wounds very slow. In case of liposuction, the stitches and the skin abrasions may take long to heal, if they do. Prolonged presence of the skin abrasions and stitches leads to bacterial and viral infection infestation in the open wound. In diabetes, the infections are not easily healed that could eventually be fatal for the patient.

Does liposuction help in diabetes treatment?

Liposuction is known to alter a person’s behavior, especially by helping them sort some of the body-image issues. It also assists in reducing few psychological problems such as depression, to an extent. It is useful in getting rid of problem areas in the body. Although diabetes is linked with bodily fat, liposuction is a hindrance for diabetes because it involves uneven fat distribution because of targeted fat loss. In fact, the complications increase due to the presence of diabetes. There have been no concrete studies that indicate a connection between liposuction and treatment of diabetes. To answer the question, liposuction is not valuable or helpful in diabetes treatment.

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