Link between Man’s Marital Status and Risk of Developing Diabetes

A happy and a healthy marital status reduces the risk of developing DIABETES.

A healthy married life acts as a barrier between health disorders. Somehow, sometimes stress acts as a leading weapon to initiate health disorders, and thus, mental and physical satisfaction is a great tool to lead a healthy life. For a disease like Diabetes, mental and physical satisfaction needs to be in control.

According to some test conducted to check the link between a man’s marital status and risk of developing diabetes, results showed that marital satisfaction was related to higher levels of diabetes related satisfaction and less impact, as well as less diabetes-related distress and better general quality of. Higher levels of marital intimacy were related to better diabetes-specific and general quality of life.

Also, For insulin-treated adults with diabetes, quality of marriage is associated with adaptation to diabetes and other aspects of health-related quality of life. The suggestive finding that marital adjustment may relate to glycemic control warrants further study. Future work should also explore the impact of couples-focused interventions on adaptation, adherence, and glycemic control.

Precautions to take after marriage to stay away from DIABETES:

  • Have ample amount of sleep.
  • Avoid Mental stress.
  • Physical satisfaction is very important.
  • Remain Active
  • Follow a proper diet plan.
  • Avoid usage of energy pills or sexual stability pills.
  • Keep testing and checking blood sugar levels.

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