What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes has different effects on health and should be controlled with proper precautions like avoiding alcohol, smoking and bad eating habits.

Bodies of patients with type 2 diabetes make insulin, but either their pancreas don’t make enough insulin, or the insulin is rejected by the body. This is unlike the type 1 diabetes where no insulin is produced by the body because the cells that produce insulin are attacked and destroyed by the body’s immune system.

Precautions to be taken

Managing diabetes is a full-time effort and precautions need to be taken at every step of your routine. Several precautions are required to be taken that involve general health as well as lifestyle, as listed.

  • Smoking

Smoking causes complications and adverse health conditions for diabetics, and hence it is required of patients to quit smoking or any tobacco use.

  • Diet and exercise

Since one of the major causes of diabetes is the lifestyle, one must take extra precautions when diabetic. Diet needs to be controlled and healthy, while regular exercise is necessary.

  • Medical check-ups

Health conditions are accelerated during diabetes since the immune system is compromised. This makes it extremely vital that regular and timely health check-ups are sought. It is also necessary for the patient to be extremely and diligently vigilant of his or her health issues, so as to identify them from the onset and receive due treatment for the same. No medical condition is to be taken lightly once diagnosed with diabetes.

  • Vaccination

A compromised immune system makes it vital to be vaccinated against ailments. Some of the vaccinations diabetics must not skip are the flu vaccine, the Pneumonia vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Tetanus, etc.

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