Onions For Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes can be controlled with proper intake of onion in diet which is simple and natural remedy to cure the disease. Onions for diabetes prove to be a boon at many levels. It not only regulates but also controls your insulin levels.

Onions for diabetes treatments

Type 2 diabetes is either caused by low insulin production in the body or as a result of insulin rejection by the body of the diabetic patient. Type 1 diabetes is caused due to the immune system that has been compromised and is attacking and subsequently curbing the formation of insulin in the pancreas. Thus, diabetes causes high blood sugar level due to a lack of insulin in the body. Lack of insulin causes a rise in blood sugar levels since insulin is required to break down the sugar in the blood.

Active constituents of Onions for Diabetes

Onions have two active components – sulfur compounds and flavonoids. The sulfur compounds the onions contain are APDS, which is the abbreviation for Allyl Propyl Disulphide. The flavonoids onions contain are Quercetin. These compounds are known to stop the lungs from breaking down the insulin. Onions for diabetes diet have also been observed to cause increased insulin production in the pancreas. Increased insulin in the body results into increase in the breaking down of sugars in the blood by the insulin produced.

There is insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes which is avoided due to the compounds onions contain. There have been several studies thus linking the intake of raw onions to treat the type 2 diabetes in patients. However, these have been uncontrolled studies, albeit with results. Also, the clinical trials have shown that there needs to be intake of a large amount of onions for actual admissible results. It is also observed that consumption of onions does not lower the blood pressure levels in healthy persons.

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