What Is The Connection Between ADHD And Diabetes?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a behavioral disorder that is neuropathic. Although it can affect persons of any age, it is usually diagnosed between ages 6 and 12 because of the symptoms associated with it. Only when the symptoms prevail for at least 6 months are they diagnosed. When the school performance suddenly drops, ADHD is considered for the child. The most common and blaringly obvious behavioral patterns observed with the presence of ADHD are

  • Anger issues
  • Short attention spans
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficulty understanding what is taught in class or what is being discussed around the person
  • Impulsive behavior

Although what causes ADHD in people is unknown, one of the factors observed in ADHD is a rise in Dopamine levels in the body. Excess of the hormone Dopamine is responsible for behavioral alterations to cause moody outbursts.

Counseling and medication are necessary to manage ADHD, while lifestyle changes are advisable.

What happens when a person is a diabetic?

It is found that insulin levels affect the secretion of dopamine in the body. In type 1 diabetes, insulin isn’t produced while in type 2 diabetes that is the common one, not enough insulin is produced for the vital activities of the body. Type 2 diabetes is the most common and in this case the body rejects insulin altogether. This can cause a rise in dopamine levels that can lead to ADHD.

Also, the brain requires glucose for its proper and regular functioning. If the glucose levels fluctuate, they affect the neural networks in the brain. This causes personality disorders, which could manifest in the form of ADHD. Diabetes may lead to ADHD usually, and not the other way round.

If a person has ADHD before the onset of diabetes, it can be aggravated because of the diabetes, regardless of the type of diabetes the patient has.

The chances of ADHD being cause by Diabetes are low but not negligible. In case of ADHD a being present before the onset of diabetes, the patient needs to be careful.

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